Prana FM hotel fire safety

Fire Safety Equipment in Hotels

when it comes to the hospitality sector, safety is of utmost importance. Firstly, the hotel industry, like other sectors, has to comply with health and safety regulations; but what really distinguishes an excellent hotel from an average one. Is a real concern for the safety and comfort of guests and employees. Here is a guide…

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What to do in fire tragedies

Fire tragedies happen to anyone at any time unexpectedly. When you find yourself in such incidents, know what measures to take and save yourself When you are faced with such emergencies, your mind gets blocked instantly. In some cases, many even are unconscious as it happens. So, Prana FM highlights important tips you can follow…

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Prana FM safety tips

How to stay safe during winter

According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters cause 43% of home heating fires and 85% of related deaths. So, how can we get better at heating our homes and offices and stay safe during winter this winter?   #1. Heater safety during winter Temperatures drop and fires increases. Stay safe during winter, as…

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