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By leveraging our portfolio and utilizing our experience, we are able to offer you unparalleled service, timeous delivery, and quality workmanship at competitive prices, all by a fully black empowered structure.

Our consultant will manage your portfolio exclusively. This partnership will ensure compliance within your organisation and will form an indispensable part of your fire risk management department.

Service and customer care is our top priority and our entire organisation is geared to this end.

Our network is operational in all the provinces and across Africa. This enables us to provide a workable national group solution which offers you conformity, accountability and utilizes your bulk buying potential.

PranaFM Fire

Fire Prevention and Suppression Solutions

To date, we have provided fire protection services around the country for years. Through this experience, our team has acquired the knowledge and cultivated the necessary skills required to handle the many unique challenges involved with overseas construction.

PranaFM offers comprehensive  fire solutions to all of your fire protection needs: design, procurement, material fabrication, installation, inspections, testing, training, and commissioning.


Two Decades of


From our humble beginnings in 1998, providing hand-held fire safety equipment solely to the South African market, we have grown to become an international player in fire management, with a service footprint covering Africa and the Middle East.

Today we conceptualise, install, maintain and provide training for systems that include, but are not limited to:

Pranafm fire solutions

Global Leader in

Fire Prevention and Suppression Solutions

With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates, we pride ourselves on conceptualising, designing, and installing systems that are compliant with international regulatory bodies.

This includes training compliance officers in the latest fire safety best practice. We ensure that you and your workforce understand the systems in place to protect you, and have contingency plans and

Gas explosions

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Fire Solutions and Fire protection
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PranaFM offers comprehensive solutions to all of your fire protection needs