Providing a barrier in the event of fire

We offer Fire Curtains in South Africa which is tailor-made Fire Solutions to fit all requirements and customer specifications.
Fire Safety Curtains

Fire safety may not always be top of the priorities list for the architects and designers envisioning an exciting, innovative project. Therefore, the need to design a flexible, adaptive solution that can compromise between design and fire safety requirements prompted investment into fire-rated materials and their effectiveness.

These modern designs are commonly open plan, invoking a communal, collaborative atmosphere and making space feel and look bigger. But, when an open-plan design extends to kitchen and eating areas – the risk of a fire spreading from the cookers to the public areas is increased due to the lack of a fire barrier. To combat this, fire safety curtains are used to contain a blaze. Whether it is fire curtains that have been tested. We help designers to replace non-loadbearing firewalls and doors, fire doors fire-rated glazing, and sprinklers to achieve modern open plan environments in line with fire regulations.

We pride ourselves on providing compliant fire safety and security solutions

Providing compliant fire safety and security solutions

Fire safety curtains provide a barrier in the event of a fire the fire curtain prevents heat, smoke, and flame from fire especially in areas of difficult access such as roof void mitigation and underfloor void closures. Fire safety curtains must always be complaint and at Prana FM we make sure that you have the right curtain with all the right fire certifications and complaints. We pride ourselves on providing compliant fire safety and security solutions that never comprise of building principles and fire regulations.

Prana Fm provides innovative and aesthetically appealing fire curtains in South Africa to fit any purpose and any opening in your building, our complete range of fire curtain systems is flexible, both physically and in an application. Our protective systems can cover any opening from small dimensions to bigger dimensions. Working with all types of projects we listen, engage and immerse ourselves in our client’s objectives, our products have a variety of applications in the building core and shell.

Why choose PranaFM Fire Curtains?
  • Compliance guaranteed
  • Highly competitive
  • Professional experienced designers
  • Fast and secure functioning
  • Highly versatile
Fire safety curtains