Fire Solutions Company in South Africa & Middle East

Our services are continuously achieved by quality workmanship. Also, we offer each service at the most affordable prices, accommodating our individual and business clients. We pride ourselves on the fire solutions company in South Africa & Middle East. Furthermore, we fully understand the need for fire protection services for properties. Therefore, we ensure we provide exceptional products and services for the fire safety of your building.

Determining the appropriate fire protection system

Fires have different classes. Which means they all require a different method to be controlled. At Prana FM, we have all the appropriate equipment to control different types of fire. It is highly important to consider factors such as being compliant with the building codes and insurance requirements. Our main priority is to ensure the safety of properties, assets, and humans.

When considering installing a fire protection system in your building, it is highly important to hire a company with the knowledge and high experience. On the other hand, quality equipment is an essential requirement when installing a fire protection system. Failure to install the system properly can cause major future damages.

We offer all types of fire solutions systems that have a well-trained staff to execute the job. The equipment we use is of excellent quality. Moreover, we properly put together our network of systems so that it can be effective.

fire protection system

A leading fire equipment provider in South Africa

We understand that fire accidents are national crises that affect all of us as South Africans, thus, offering our fire detection and alarm systems in South Africa & Middle East. As a leading fire equipment provider in South Africa, we aim to serve our services to our best ability. Furthermore, the fire detection industry has advanced drastically making it easier for us to accommodate everyone and save more people.

Prana FM aims to invest more in designing protective fire equipment that guarantees 100% fire protection. Basically, the fire equipment that we design must be able to save companies and employees from becoming part of fire statistics. With our exceptional services in fire audits, fire suppression, and full turnkey facilities, we guarantee and full fire solutions company in South Africa & Middle East.

Our fire equipment company in South Africa & Middle East takes into consideration the law that state that it is now a legal requirement in South Africa for all buildings and house to have fire equipment. Therefore, every building in South Africa has to be equipped with a fire detection system as well as a fire alarm system. We have an experienced team that designs fire equipment such as fire suppression systems, install and design fire products and accessories like fire extinguishers.

Fire Detection System

Prana FM uses reliable alarm systems that effectively receive data, assesses risk, and responds to different fire incidents. Fire detectors are mostly installed in buildings that are a fire risk, occupy crucial equipment, and human beings. These would be buildings such as airports, universities, hospitals, and train and bus stations.

Sprinkler system

We take pride in providing the most effective sprinkler system in South Africa & Middle East. Our team has high experience in installing and maintain sprinkler systems for any business. Fire sprinkler system works in putting out a fire at the most convenient and quickest time. They are the most simple, yet reliable fire extinguisher for larger and corporate buildings.