Gas Suppression System

Do you have a service room, sub-station, data room, archive room or any room where you have a lot of valuables or highly combustible materials that you would like to protect from fire?

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Prana FM Gas Suppression System is the ideal method to use with regards to combustions; we are knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive, and professional. Furthermore, our Gas Suppression Systems are installed according to the ISO 14520, NFPA, and BFPSA codes of practice for Gaseous Fire Fighting Systems. At Prana FM we are very proud of our Gas Suppression System installations, while we ensure our clients receive the best products installations in the market. Besides, we provide the body corporate with excellent service support during installation and servicing.
The purpose of Gas Suppression is to determine the time that an extinguishant /air mixture will remain active. Additionally, it is to determine in an enclosure at the designated protected height (i.e. how long the extinguishing agent will remain, (in an ‘effective manner’), within an enclosure. Therefore, this is however achieved by equating it to measured leakage occurring from an enclosure; this leakage being that capable of permitting the extinguishing agent to escape from the confines of an area and allowing the concentration to diminish. Leakage and smoke ingress are detrimental to an installation’s fire fighting capabilities and can impact upon the ability to operate as intended, prevent fire or provide effective extinguishant that is why Gas Suppression is performed.
We offer gas suppression systems that are of high quality because of how we understand and know that water is not always essential to contain fire. Furthermore, our main focus is to supply our clients with a product that aims of extinguishing and/or preventing the fire from spread within a particular building. As a result,  we ensure that your employees, as well as everything that is in your business premises, is safe when water is no longer an option.