The fire sprinkler system works in detecting fire and suppressing it as early as possible. Fire Pumps and Fire Tanks work automatically with the system. The pump supplies adequate water through the sprinkler to distribute water throughout the whole system

Fire Sprinkler System plays a huge role in detecting and extinguishing a fire at an early stage. Prana FM is a highly recommended fire sprinkler company from design and fire sprinkler installation. Moreover, the system can operate in supplying water or foam. Our fire sprinkler company provides excellent services to work in all types of buildings. We fully understand that the system doesn’t only prevent great damage in the building, but can also save a lot of lives. The main reason for installing the fire sprinkler system is to protect lives and property.

Furthermore, the system overall helps in identifying the time left for eviction in the building. This goes back to the excellent installation of the system to perform all the required services. Depending on the fire, a wet pipe sprinkler, dry pipe sprinkler, foam sprinkler, or pre-action sprinkler.

Fire detection system


The fire sprinkler system works with the fire pumps and fire tanks to supply an adequate supply of water or foam. This, therefore, makes it the most important part of the sprinkler system. It is essential for the sprinkler system to have a water supply. This comes directly from a water supply. Preferably, having a water tank and a water pump to supply water to the sprinkler system.

Fire pamps
Fire Tanks