Prana FM is a leading provider of fire equipment offering fire detection system services to assist discover the fire early. The system uses a smoke detector to detect a fire before it starts to ensure safety for people. We actually design them to purposely detect fire incident, notify occupants in the premises, and alert fire emergency personnel.

Our company designs fire detection systems to discover a fire at an early stage. Thus, we supply and design smoke detectors and fire alarm systems.

Overall, Prana FM as a fire detection system supplier aims to provide its clients with reasonable fire alarm system prices.

Fire audit
Fire detection systems


Prana FM offers fire detection system installations whereby they install fire alarms to their clients. The detection system installation service and fire detection system maintenance are our main priority. Therefore, the company aims to provide excellent services that ensure safety to our clients. With the fire alarm system, Prana FM designed them in a way that will provide information to emergency responders and also transmit a signal to a monitoring station for help or to the fire department.

The fire detection alarm provides information on the location of the fire and the amount of smoke in their detection area for speeding the process of fire control. This assist fire emergency personnel to prepare accordingly before going to save the day.

Our fire detection systems have a direct connection to alarm monitoring and they assist in detecting and eliminating damage. , the detectors are set to detect a higher level of heat or smoke that indicates possibilities of fire.