Fire Audits are undertaken to determine if, at a given point in time, the fire safety systems meet, exceed or fall short of nominated benchmarks. The audit may also provide information for determination of options for remedial works or additional activities. Prana FM performs Fire Audits required, to ensure the workplace is compliant with respect to due diligence.

South African National Standard (SANS)

S.A.B.S 04001990 Part T Fire protection
SANS 14752005 Servicing of Hand Held Fire equipment
SANS 101052005 Use and control of Firefighting Equipment
S.A.B.S 02872000 Automatic Sprinkler Systems
S.A.B.S 11282000 Hydrants
SANS 11862003 Symbolic Safety Signage
SANS 101392005 Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
SANS 5432004 Fire Hose reels
Act No.851993 Occupational Health & Safety
NFPA.12009 National Fire Prevention Association
equipment & features
Local By Law compliance to provisioning of fire safety

Our Fire Audit Covers the Following:-

  • Inspection of the site
  • Identification of all fire equipment on site
  • Indicating on additional fire equipment required as a safety requirement and by legislation
  • Reporting on any fire services issues within the building, including access and fire hazards
  • Reporting on any issues you need to rectify, to enable submission of yearly Fire Statements
  • Supplying costs for any additional installations required
  • Reporting on maintenance and service requirements for all fire equipment