What is a fire strategy and why you need one

What is a fire strategy? Necessary in complex builds and commercially functioning buildings, a fire strategy is simply a general plan that outlines how best to implement fire safety best practices, in the event of a fire. A fire strategy, in short, is a summary of the “what” you will do in the event of…

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fire management

Fire Management in Commercial Buildings

Fire management is one of the most important aspects of fire safety in buildings, in order to carry that out correctly it is imperative to ensure that there is a fire safety management plan for the building. Reduce the impact and possibility of fire To reduce the impact and possibility of fire, buildings are designed…

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fire prevention solutions

Fire prevention solutions

Fire Prevention Solutions Fire can create a huge distraction in the workplace if it’s not too bad it causes minor injuries or none at all if it’s a major one it results in serious injuries and even fatalities. In reality, it’s impossible to completely get rid of fire hazards at your worksite but that’s not…

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