Gas explosions

Gas Explosions

Unforeseen explosions in commercial buildings Gas Explosions Commercial buildings are most likely to experience explosions due to their usability and having more electrical appliances and pipelines in the building. Gas explosions occur most frequently in workplace environments often caused by code violations or violations of standard safety practices, lots of products can prompt gas leaks…

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fire strategy

What is a fire strategy and why you need one

What is a fire strategy? Necessary in complex builds and commercially functioning buildings. A fire strategy outlines how best to implement fire safety best practices, in the event of a fire. In short, it is a summary of your actions in the event of a fire. Whereas fire safety products themselves – such as fire…

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fire management

Fire Management in Commercial Buildings

Fire management is one of the most important aspects of fire safety in buildings. It carries out the imperatives to ensure that there is a fire safety management in place. Fire management strategies To reduce the impact and possibility of fire, buildings are designed to separate and enclose areas. This prevents the fire from spreading.…

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